Frequently Asked Questions

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Commonly asked questions about our services.

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Will you clean my Facility?

We work with and can recommend affiliate building service contractors to be able to clean your facility. In addition, we offer the equipment, supplies and training necessary for your staff to be able to properly clean and sanitize effectively and efficiently.  

do you do Site Evaluations?

We can schedule a walk-through of your facility to determine what are the best and safest products for your facility.  Our staff is badged and can sign NDA's prior to walk-through if needed.

Do you do training?

Yes, we host a monthly training for industry professionals that are good for one year. If you are a business and have a full team you want trained in proper cleaning, sanitation and safety, we can offer flat-rate packages for your team at your location.

Do you have online resources?

We will be putting up free online videos to address some of the most common concerns and safety issues the cannabis industry faces. Eventually we will have full online seminars for companies that prefer to train online.  This will be available May, 2018.

Can I simply buy products from you?

Absolutely!  We have an online storefront for you to look at regarding equipment and supplies you and your team may need. Call us at 844-879-3737 to place an order and if you don't see what you are looking for us, reach out and we can try and make arrangements for what you want.

What products do you offer?

We offer many different items; from basic cleaning supplies like gloves and eye wear, to specific leave-no-residue cleaners to ensure clean, safe surfaces

Why not just buy my cleaning supplies myself at a store down the road?

You can. However, we not only offer competitive prices and training on our products, but strive to be an overall resource for ongoing issues, testing and new regulations related to health, safety and sanitation!