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Who we are

We believe that the quality of cannabis starts with the quality of the facility.  With our team's background in health and sanitation, we believe we can help facilities in the cannabis industry prevent contamination and protect their product, patients and team.


Our Services

Education Classes

With multiple ongoing classes, our aim is to provide information and training regarding proper health, safety and sanitation compliance in the industry. Be compliant and get ahead of regulations. Send your staff to help prevent costly violations down the road. Private classes available for your entire staff!


Equipment & Supplies  

Cannabis Clean aims to be your resource for the best safety, health and sanitation needs for your facility. As a CannSan Certified® company, our supplies and equipment provided have proven to be the safest, most effective products on the market to protect your plants and your team.


As the name for clean in the cannabis industry since 2014, Cannabis Clean continues to look for and provide the industry with cleaning solutions that make sense and help facilities take a proactive approach to changing regulations in health, safety and cleanliness.



With most of our team's background in customer service, we know that our clients come first and we will always find you a solution!